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We organize mining of any cryptocurrencies from scratch
About Us
MegaMiner has been operating in the cryptocurrency mining market since 2016. During this time, we have accumulated vast experience related to selection, supply, and placement of mining equipment. Our experience and collaboration with reliable partners provide us with an opportunity to meet field-related challenges of any scale. Large supplies of rare equipment, an established logistics system, developing and launching new sites in the shortest possible time, best prices and reliability – those are the results of our experience and collaboration with reliable partners, proven over the years.
Why Choose Us?
Our experience and focus on results make it possible for us to find the optimum solution for every customer.
  • Five years in the market
    Together with our customers, we have successfully survived two halvings. And we'll survive the third one!
  • Reliability
    We are confident when it comes to decision-making. That's why we take full responsibility for our customers' equipment and provide 100% hosting uptime.

  • Our Partners
    No company can provide the best solutions on its own. Our partners help us do what others cannot!
Equipment sales
We can meet any challenges related to mining equipment
  • Wide range of equipment available in any quantity
    Why would you wait when you can start mining today? Check and pick up equipment at our office or let us set it up for you on our site today.
  • Equipment from China at your request
    If China sells the mining equipment you need, we can supply it to you at the best prices! Volumes and delivery times are available at request.
  • Equipment delivery guarantee
    Regardless of the exchange rate, you will receive equipment on time with no price changes!
Placing equipment on our sites is a guarantee of stable operation and prompt investment returns
  • Legal power supply only
    We have legal power supply only! It makes stable prices and reliable deliveries possible. We are ready to provide documents that support placing your equipment on-site at request!
  • Low prices for equipment placement
    We make sure to select the best deals on the power supply market. That's why our prices are comparable to those of "gray" suppliers while our available quality service has no competitors.
  • Security
    Our sites are located at industrial facilities with the strictest security measures. Several levels of security, video surveillance and our financial responsibility reduce your risks to zero.
  • Reliability
    Protected channels ensure stable Internet access. Siberian frosts help us provide perfect temperature conditions for equipment operation.
  • Sustainable approach
    We treat nature with great care and take action to reduce the impact mining has on the environment. We use sustainable power supply technology and utilize environmentally friendly methods to produce power like hydroelectric generation and associated gas.
Large-scale customers
Special conditions for special customers!
  • Unique conditions and prices customized for your tasks
    We understand that large-scale customers have special requirements and high expectations. We are happy to offer unique pricing opportunities, confidentiality, and unlimited advice to develop an investment strategy that is right for you!
  • We can develop a site for your project
    Full control over risks and equipment is a requirement we can meet. We are ready to search and develop a suitable site so that you will own both the land and the infrastructure.
  • Legal advice
    Cryptocurrencies are a new word in the world of finance. We are ready to offer legal solutions that will allow you to legally invest in mining, gain cryptocurrency, trade on an exchange, develop a company cryptocurrency portfolio, and make Fiat withdrawals.
To discuss your project or receive extra details, feel free to send us your phone number and we will contact you soon!
Irkutsk: +7 (968) 618 15 65
Ufa: +7 (917) 468 53 13
Office in China: +86 186 0070 2799

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